IOM3 Certificate in Management

The ideal course for people in or about to take up their first managerial or supervisory position

The IOM3 Certificate in Management has been created for those in or about to take up their first management position.  It will provide you with practical help and guidance through five interactive, classroom-based sessions.

The IOM3 Certificate in Management sessions are:

  • Leadership and management -  03 September
  • Introduction to performance management - 24 September
  • Understanding finance and risk management -  29 October
  • Project management skills -  12 November
  • Effective change management - 02 July or 03 December

Each session is run twice a year and you are able to complete the five sessions over a period of 12 months.  Although you are able to book the sessions individually, registering for the full IOM3 Certificate in Management offers a substantial discount.  

All of the courses are run at the IOM3 Training Centre at The Boilerhouse in Grantham.

The fee for for the full five-day IOM3 Certificate in Management programme is £1845(+VAT at 20% where applicable).  This includes lunch, refreshements and learning materials.  IOM3 members and subscribers to our Business Partner Programme are entitled to a discount on the course fee.


Register to undertake the full IOM3 Certificate in Management in 2024

IOM3, The Boilerhouse, Grantham


 Meet your trainer

Sandra Morrell

Sandra Morrell

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Explore the five courses in this suite 

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Introduction to Leadership & Management

A one-day workshop focussing on how to develop your skills

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Foundations of Performance Management

A one-day workshop designed to develop practical skills in performance management

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Understanding Finance & Risk Management

A one-day workshop to develop your understanding of basic business finance and risk management

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Project Management

An intensive one-day workshop exploring how to manage a project effectively

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Effective Change Management

A one-day workshop focussing on how to manage change