Awards in polymers

IOM3 medals and prizes associated with the polymer industry include the following. Full details of these and all other Institute awards can be found at:

Colwyn Medal 

To an individual for outstanding services to the rubber industry of a scientific, technical or engineering character. Given alternate years with Hancock.

First awarded 1928.

Past Winners
2019 Michael Roland, 2017 Manfred Kluppel, 2015 Gert Heinrich, 2013 Mark Warner, 2011 Richard Spontak, 2009 James Busfield, 2007 Keith Fuller, 2001 John Dunn, 1999 Kurt Frisch, 1997 Karl Grosch,1995 Graham Lake, 1993 Jack Buist, 1992 Roger Williams, 1990 Maurice Porter, 1989 Vasilii F Evstratov, 1988 Jean-Baptiste Donnet, 1986 E Holroyd, 1984 A Y Coran, 1981 E W Duck, 1980 H Mark, 1979 M Morton, 1978 Alan Thomas, 1977 Alan Gent, 1976 J M J Massoubre, 1975 J Furukawa, 1974 J I Cuneen, 1973 C E H Bawn CBE FRS, 1972 A R Payne, 1971 J D Ferry, 1970 A Schallamach, 1969 B C Sekhar, 1968 W F Watson, 1967 V E Gough, 1966 L Mullins, 1965 W C Wake, 1964 G E Bloomfield, 1963 E W Madge, 1962 C L Bateman, 1961 L R G Treloar, 1960 Erich Konrad, 1958 J LeBras, 1957 H W Melville FRS, 1956 W B Wiegand, 1955 H N Ridley & C Flaconer-Flint, 1954 P J Flory, 1953 D Parkinson, 1952 G Gee, 1951 C E T Man, 1950 A van Rossem, 1949 E A Murphy, 1948 J R Scott, 1947 R P Dinsmore, 1946 Geo Martin, 1945 W J S Nauton, 1944 S A Brazier OBE, 1943 A Healey, 1941 B J Heaton, OBE, 1940 P Schidrowita & H P Stevens, 1939 S S Pickles, 1938 B D Porritt, 1936 C J Beaver, 1935 D F Twiss, 1934 O de Vires, 1933 W H Paull, 1929 W H Stevens, 1928 G Stafford Whitby.

Hancock Medal

To an individual for outstanding service to the rubber industry where such services have benefited either the nation, government authorities or industry. Open to membersof the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining. Given alternate years with Colwyn.

First awarded 1951.

Past Winners
2018 Alan Muhr, 2016 Martyn Bennett, 2014 Ranjit Matthan, 2012 Andrew Tinker, 2008 M Patel, 2006 R P Brown, 2002 S V Lathia, 2000 W R Adam, 1998 M E Cain, 1997 N H Godfrey, 1996 D A Hills, 1995 S H Coulson, 1994 R G Winder, 1993 C Hepburn, 1991 T D Pendle, 1990 M J Falconer-Flint, 1989 G C Gullan, 1988 M I Iddon, 1987 D C Blackley, 1986 K M Philip, 1985 D A Bennett, 1984 J P Berry, 1983 G F Morton, 1982 Sir Reay Geddes KBE, 1981 P W Allen, 1980 J Glazer, 1979 D M Turner, 1978 L G Harrison, 1977 H Jackson & H G Parkes, 1976 H M Collier, 1975 M A Birkin, 1974 D Bulgin & R C W Moakes, 1973 M J Jordan, 1972 C M Blow, 1971 E R Gardner, 1970 J M Buist, 1969 G E M Godfrey MBE, 1968 L R Mernagh, 1967 H C Baker & J A Smithson, 1966 L L Roe, 1965 G A Shires, 1964 D Banerjee, 1963 F H Cotton, 1962 C H Birkitt, 1961 M M Heywood, 1960 C B Copeman, 1959 J H Carrington, 1958 H Willshaw OBE, 1957 M Panzetta MBE, 1956 S D Sutton, 1955 J M Wright, 1954 F Ascoli CIE, 1953 H Rogers, 1952 T J Drakeley CBE

Prince Philip Award

For polymers in the service of mankind. Awarded not more than once every two years, not less than once every five years. Instituted to commemorate the presentation of the first Honorary Fellowship of the PRI to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on 22 May 1973. International, open to members and non-members, individuals, companies, partnerships, associations, societies or academic institutions. Names and addresses of two independent referees required.

First awarded 1977.

Past Winners
2019 Nextek, 2015 Avon Rubber, 2011 Biocompatibles UK Ltd, 2006 Vascutek Ltd, 2004 Victrex Research & Technology, 1999 B G Technology, 1996 Maunsell Structural Plastics Ltd, 1993 Regent Hospital Products, 1990 Malaysian Rubber Producers' Research Association, 1987 E I du Pont de Nemours & Co, 1985 L Gore & Associates Inc


Alan Glanvill Award

For published work of particular merit in the field of polymers.

James S Walker Award

For a published paper or an unpublished project report by a student on the subject of polymers.


Griffith (A A Griffith) Medal and Prize

In recognition of distinguished work which has made or is making a notable contribution to any branch of materials science.
Prize value £300.

Rosenhain Medal and Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science, preference being given to candidates under the age of 40.
Prize value £300.

Rowbotham Medal

An annual award to recognise an outstanding contribution from a young person or team of young people to the development or innovative use of materials for automotive applications.