23 March 2023

Elastomers in Power Generation

From wave to tidal and for any other motion-focused energy harvesting, elastomers and elastomeric-like materials are key players in the generation of clean and green energy.

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This webinar discussed and addressed the issues of using a elastomer materials in space. Flexible membrane-based energy harvesters from ambient motions (e.g. wave, tidal, water current, vibration or any other motions) are emerging technologies that demonstrated great potentials for generating low carbon renewable energy. The technologies could be game-changers to meet the Net Zero target in the energy sectors, particularly in the UK. A couple of SMEs and large-scale companies were already emerged in the last decade that deal with flexible energy generators made of rubber-like materials. However, the sectors have been facing challenges ranging from novel chemical formulations of rubber-like materials to innovative designs of novel flexible-energy harvesters. 

Chair: James Busfield | [email protected]

  • Converting Wave Energy with Dielectric Elastomers: issues, results and perspectives
    Prof Giacomo Moretti
     Associate Professor, University of Trento
  • Energy harvesting using dielectric elastomer
    Dr Daniil Yurchenko, Assistant Professor, University of Southampton
  • Is the Anaconda wave energy device the ultimate rubber engineering challenge?
    Dr Andrea Bucchi, 
    School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, University of Portsmouth
  • Combining origami structures and elastomers to produce metamaterials for electromagnetic applications
    Prof Zhong You &
    Professor of Engineering Science, Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge University
    Dr Chris Stevens, University of Oxford

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