13 December 2022

Elastomers in Space

View this on-demand webinar which took place on Friday 9 December 2022

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This webinar discussed and addressed the issues of using a elastomer materials in space. These materials are known to exhibit dramatic changes in behaviour below their glass transition temperature, when subjected to radiation and in zero atmosphere conditions. These issues can present the designer with real challenges when trying to design sealing systems or flexible vibration damping systems for use in space applications.

Chair: James Busfield | [email protected]

  • Radiation-induced Degradation of Thermal Interface Materials in Space Electronics
    Prof Roozbeh Dargazany, Associate Professor, Michigan State University
  • Elastomers as enablers for new small satellite missions and applications
    Dr Chantal Cappelletti, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
  • Elastomer Composites for Space Applications
    Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad
    , Senior Research Associate and a Teaching Fellow, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Cambridge University
  • Can we successfully use elastomers on Mars?
    Dr Rafał Anyszka
    , Researcher, Elastomer Technology and Engineering, University of Twente & Professor Anke Blume, University Professor, University of Twente

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