Local activities - packaging

On these pages you will find all the regional UK packaging organisations affiliated to IOM3 and The Packaging Society.

Click on the name of a local society below (listed alphabetically) for full contact details for that group.

Note that the east and west regional societies have now merged so; EMPkgS now covers both the East and West Midlands, L&SEPS now covers London and all of the South of England, and NEPkgS now covers the North East and the North West.

Please do contact your local branch chair at any time. They are always happy to hear from you, and welcome any suggestions you may have!

EMPkgS - The East Midlands Packaging Society

IPkgS - The Irish Packaging Society

L&SEPS - London & South of England Packaging Society

NEPkgS - The North of England Packaging Society

SPkgS - The Scottish Packaging Society