• Are small businesses benefiting from increased credit availability?

    The ability of small businesses to borrow money is a key to economic growth, particularly in manufacturing and engineering. Government plans are in place to increase lending to businesses, but it is being questioned whether greater credit availability is actually allowing companies to borrow more.
  • Institute's Special and Publication Awards

    Winners of the IOM3 2011 Special and Publication Awards were presented with their medals and prizes at an Awards Lunch at the Institute's London office
  • bamboo roof

    Bamboo back in the frame

    Materials World magazine
    Marginally-engineered building techniques used in rural residential shelters are being investigated to initiate a mainstream engineering code for bamboo.
  • Image courtesy of the University of Leeds

    Synthetic solution for biominerals

    Materials World magazine
    Synthetic crystals that mimic naturally occurring biominerals such as sea urchin spines are being fabricated in the UK. The results would assist ceramic production, and the creation of larger, less brittle structures for electronic devices.
  • forest

    Forest waste unlocks brick potential

    Clay Technology magazine
    Spanish researchers have developed a way to use human waste as an admixture in ceramics, a method that could have industrial and environmental benefits.
  • tube of suntan lotion

    Bright future for UV-cream

    Clay Technology magazine
    Clay and mushrooms are now being blended for use in sunscreens.
  • mattresses

    Putting issues to bed - recycling mattresses

    Materials World magazine
    At the recent Materials KTN Mattress Whitewater event in Grantham, UK, delegates explored innovative methods to keep mattresses out of landfill and put them to work in cement kilns and plant membranes.
  • Penetrated Fibre Metal Laminate

    Photography competition to capture the essence of materials in Defence, Safety or Security

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The IOM3 Defence Safety and Security Committee (DSSC) announce their 2nd photographic competition. The committee continues the search for the best photographs to help promote the activity of the DSSC to both members and the general public.
  • spruce branch

    Spruce almighty - major Sitka spruce research report published

    Wood Focus magazine
    A research report that summarises everything known about Sitka spruce and brings together 90 years of research into a single document has been published by the UK’s Forestry Commission.
  • spruce tree

    Mossing over the issue

    Wood Focus magazine
    A study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada has found that 800-year-old Sitka spruces in coastal boreal forests are excellent at gathering moss, making them effective at mitigating nutrient depletion and carbon sequestration.