• Ionic liquids for carbon capture

    Materials World magazine
    Ionic liquids could boost the efficiency of removing impurities from natural gas and have potential for capturing carbon from coal-fired plants, say researchers at a US university spin-out company.
  • The Hanson EcoHouse, on display at the Building Research Establishment in Watford, UK. It offers a 44% improvement in energy sustainability over 2006 building standards

    Steps for zero carbon homes

    Clay Technology magazine
    Plans for all new UK homes to be zero carbon from 2016 must be reviewed in light of the current economic situation, according to the UK Federation of Master Builders.
  • Thermoelectric efficiency explored

    Materials World magazine
    A UK-based scientist is exploring low temperature solvothermal synthesis in an attempt to create materials with improved thermoelectric efficiency for power generation and cooling in electronics.
  • mixed waste

    Sensor solutions for energy from waste

    Materials World magazine
    The need for an online system that measures the biomass content in solid recovered fuel (mixed waste) was outlined at a seminar held in London, UK, on 24 February. Such a tool remains an 'instrumentation challenge' for producing energy from waste.
  • Programme available for 5th European Rolling Conference

    The Iron & Steel Society
    The programme for the 5th European Rolling Conference, sponsored by Siemens VAI Metal Technologies, is now available.
  • Making nanoceramic components

    Materials World magazine
    Manufacturing nanostructured ceramic components could now become more industrially viable using processing techniques developed at Loughborough University, UK.
  • The Solar+Reflectance optical head with highly sensitive detectors

    Inspecting solar cell production

    Materials World magazine
    An in-line monitoring system that is compatible with copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) and cadmium telluride solar cell production is available from LayTec, based in Berlin, Germany. The company claims the technology will accelerate development and reduce processing costs for a range of thin film deposition processes.
  • Power plant

    Capturing carbon dioxide in China

    Materials World magazine
    Preliminary geological surveys suggest there may be potential for ‘significant [onshore] storage in Chinese basins for CO2’, says Dr Mike Stephenson, Head of Science for Energy at the British Geological Survey.
  • Light emitting diode emission as a current passes through the carbon-nanotube coated cotton

    Smart cotton for biomonitoring

    Materials World magazine
    A conductive cotton yarn woven into soft fabrics could have health monitoring capabilities by acting as an intergrated sensor. The thread is coated in carbon nanotubes and is said to produce smart textiles with better flexibility, durability and mobile comfort than metal and optical fibres.
  • Student bursaries available for Energy from Waste and Biomass

    Bursary places are available for four students wishing to attend Energy from Waste and Biomass , a one day conference orgnaised by IOM3 taking place in London on 11 March 2009. This event is part of National Science and Engineering Week.