23 April 2024
by Alex Brinded

A battery-electric truck trolley for underground mining

The first fully battery-electric truck, trolley system for mining has now been tested on an 800m track in Sweden. 

Boliden, Epiroc and ABB say they have moved a step closer to an all-electric mine © Boliden

ABB, Boliden and Epiroc have partnered on the truck trolley system that has been used on an underground mine test track with a 13% incline.

The partnership reports the dynamic trolley system has intelligent switchgear, measurements and ability to adjust power when needed.

To design a solution that could adapt to voltage fluctuations, the collaboration built a digital twin to simulate all scenarios.

Epiroc has added dynamic charging to its battery-electric Minetruck MT42 SG and battery system, and the trolley solution is equipped with DC converter, HES880 inverters and AMXE motors to enhance power.

The truck features a trolley pantograph connected to an overhead catenary line, which the company says is highly suitable for long-haul ramps. 

The electric trolley line gives additional assistance to the battery-electric mine truck on the most demanding stretches up-ramp while fully loaded, to enable further reach and battery regeneration during drift, which increases productivity drastically for a mining operation.

ABB created the infrastructure from grid to wheel, including the electric truck, trolley system design and the rectifier substation for the test track. Standards and vehicle interface have been jointly developed by the project partners.

Boliden intends to implement a full-scale, autonomous electric-trolley system in the Rävliden mine, a satellite orebody and extension of the Kristineberg mine, and has placed an order for four Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley trucks from Epiroc. The total distance will be 5km at a depth of 750m.


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer