Can you make it?

Can you make it? is a hands-on, school-based project designed to support the materials topics in the 7-11 science curriculum.  The aim of the project is to enthuse and inspire pupils to engage with science and show them that STEM subjects, in particular materials science and engineering, are vital to the modern world that we live in.

Although the activities were primarily designed to support the 7-11 curriculum a range of activities for younger pupils have been included in teh notes for teachers.

Although the pilot of this project was designed to be run by a visiting STEM Ambassador, all of the activities have been written so that they can be delivered by a teacher during the time when the pupils are learning about materials.  If you would like to find out how you can access a handling collection or a STEM Ambassador to help deliver this in your school please get in touch by emailing [email protected]


CYMI Notes for teachers INTERACTIVE

Interactive notes for teachers on how to run the Can you make it? project

CYMI Treasure hunt materials cards.pdf

CYMI Spot the Scientist or Engineer photocards.pdf

CYMI Worksheet 1 - What jobs use STEM.pdf

CYMI Worksheet 2 - Spot the Scientist or Engineer.pdf

CYMI Worksheet 3 - Grouping materials.pdf

CYMI Worksheet 4 - Using materials.pdf

CYMI Worksheet 5 - Materials around us.pdf