The Packaging Society Board Member profiles

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Ian Davis - Vice Chairman

Ian has been a member of the Packaging Society (previously the IOP) for over thirty years. He is one of the few members who joined the society due to his involvement as a paperboard manufacturer. He worked for the Stora group in the UK for 25 years, rising to the position of Mill Manager. For the past 18 years he has run his own companies covering consultancy and extensive lecturing in packaging and papermaking. His most recent company in his portfolio is as a training provider for Corrugating Apprenticeships, delivering the Technical Certificate courses. He has a BSc degree in Paper Technology, is a Fellow of the Institute and Chairman of the Scottish Packaging Society. 

Mark Caul

Mark Caul is the Technical Manager for Food Packaging at Tesco.  With 16 years of retail experience he is experienced in the wants and needs of consumers as well as balancing those needs with government and non-government views on the world of packaging.  Although a Technical Role, Mark works closely with the Tesco Packaging buying community as well as direct suppliers to Tesco to ensure that Packaging meets commercial needs and therefore encompass true sustainable credentials for packaging.

A Materials Engineer by training, he has previously spent time in diverse industries such as Forestry, Nuclear Energy, and Civil Engineering before settling into a packaging career, with over ten years at M&S before his recent move to Tesco.

Mark also is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Environmentalist and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials and sits on the board of the Packaging Society. 

Safety and Customer remains at the core of his work, and Mark would like to think he is known for this passion within the packaging industry.

Outside of his career, Mark enjoys reading and the company of his cats, Jim and Harry.  He also has a soft spot for American Golden Age comics and is a die-hard Doctor Who fan.

Alison Vincent

Alison Vincent is Founder and Managing Director of AVA packaging solutions - an independent partner to retailers, brand owners, packer/fillers and design agencies - helping clients with specialist innovation, design and development, cost savings and packaging/sourcing strategies. 

Alison also offers leadership and guidance for packaging departments, ensuring they are optimised to effectively deliver client packaging requirements.

Solid background over 30 years in delivering leading, cutting edge packaging innovation, development and change management for FMCG/CPG companies including some of the world’s biggest companies and brands.

Prior to founding AVA in 2002, Alison held prominent packaging positions in the FMCG/CPG arena at Sara Lee, Safeway Stores, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola & Schweppes, Mothercare and Lyons Tetley.  Alison has introduced a number of industry firsts.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA, is a FIMMM and judges on key Packaging Competitions.

Alison is keen to recognise and promote great design, execution and delivery in all aspects of packaging.  In her own career, her unique blend of technical aptitude, creative flair, keen commercial awareness and strong practicality allows Alison to recognise and drive winning packaging innovations and packaging projects to market, saving clients time and cost whilst winning sales and market share.

Keith Barnes 

Keith has been involved in the world of packaging for more than fifty years. Management roles within Ilford and Boots have led on to a career in consultancy. Mintel is a major client, and Keith helped to organise their GNPD packaging section. Keith is a Fellow of the Institute, a past chairman of Council of the former IOP and a Trustee of the Institute. A Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist, he is also on the main Council of IOM3.

Keith organised the Packaging Section of Materials congress 2005 and is on the Institute's ITP Board, the Surface Engineering committee, Energy Materials Group, Sustainability Group and is involved with Smart Materials (KTN). He has provided numerous articles on packaging and acts as the co-ordinator for the Packaging Summer School held annually in the UK for Michigan State University.

Liam Barbary

Liam joined Amcor Flexibles on their commercial graduate scheme from university, following which he spent 8 years working as the sales responsible for the UK dairy market. Looking to seek out new challenges, He joined Suedpack with a brief to setup a global key account programme. During this time Liam enjoyed two fascinating years working and living in Germany for one of the most innovative privately owned companies in our industry. Having identified a gap in the packaging market for a tool which could estimate accurately and manage large complex tenders efficiently, himself and two business partners setup Benchmark Consulting, a truly unique web based cost model for all major material groups.

Outside of Liam’s main vocation, he has recently accepted the position of Chairman of the East Midlands Packaging Society and hope to grow my network and knowledge through the institute

Gregor Anderson

Gregor Anderson is Device and Packaging Design Director at GSK:  based at Ware, UK. He has a B.Sc. in Industrial Design and a M.Sc. in Polymer Science and Engineering.

After completing a Postgraduate in Marketing for Heriot Watt University in 1986 he worked for Smiths Industries Medical Systems as device designer. This position involved him partnering closely with surgeons and anesthetists to develop products such as specialist tracheotomy systems and single use surgical equipment. In 1989 he joined the Device Development Unit, Inhaled Products, Glaxo R&D, as Senior Designer. He worked on the design and development of various device platforms including: Diskus, auto-injectors and dose counters. In 2009 Greg moved to Global Manufacturing to head up the Technical Packaging Group. More recently he has focused on supporting the launches of the Ellipta Inhaler, respiratory training devices and also researching and preparing GSK’s respiratory and packaging strategy for Emerging Markets including Sub Sahara Africa.  He holds over 40 patents and has expertise in patient centric design and has presented papers on this topic globally. 

Kevin Laughton

Kevin is currently a Director at Sharp Iris and is responsible for strategy, direction, head count and P&L, They are a Creative Digital Solutions Company specialising and providing services such as creative design, digital platform build, digital workflows and digital printing, along with Kevin’s ability in consulting throughout the packaging supply chain.

Kevin provides effective direction for these services across all types of print processes for many brands and retail clients. These are all aligned with creative thinking and a desire to make a difference in an ever changing environment. Having worked for some of the largest and high profile service providers globally, Kevin's intention is to emulate entire positive and stand out learning’s from these companies, ensuring that Kevin and Sharp Iris, deliver simple but effective solutions within packaging supply chains. Kevin joined the society over 10 years ago and is now Chairman of the North of England Packaging Society since 2014 and has been in the Packaging industry for 36 years and still highly passionate! One of his main motivators is ‘change’ and how the industry adapts to ensuring ‘best practice’ is achieved seamlessly. 

Richard Bull

Having begun a career in the electronics industry in 1960, Richard then progressed into the induction and corona discharge treating sectors.  As a senior service engineer he travelled the world carrying out Induction Melting System Installations and Application Diagnostics further developing his knowledge of the industry.  During the early eighties, the natural progression was to begin his own business and Enercon Industries Ltd working was born.

For over 35 years, Richard has worked tirelessly within the packaging industry to innovate and has established Enercon Industries Ltd as the European leader in their field, and together with Enercon Industries Corporation of the USA, Enercon Industries are now the global leaders and the largest induction cap sealer and corona discharge treater suppliers.

Richard brings with him a wealth of packaging knowledge and solutions for both progression and sustainability within the industry.

David Little

Following in the father’s footsteps, David made packaging his career choice and in 1985 started his training in the Dublin School of Printing. With over 30 years’ experience in the Packaging Industry and having worked with many leading companies, across a wide range of substrates and processes, David now heads up, Leonard Little & Associates Ltd.

As an Independent Packaging Consultancy founded in 1976, we drive packaging change, cost savings and NPD speed-to-market' supporting clients Technical, Marketing and Procurement teams.

David is a Print Technologist (DIT) and a Packaging Technologist (IOP). He is a Fellow of IOM3. Chair of the Irish Packaging Society and a member of The Packaging Society board in the UK. David is also a lecturer in packaging technology, in Ireland and the UK.

Experienced in: Flexible film & laminates, cartons, labels, corrugated and rigid plastics as well as the key areas of Repro, Proofing and Brand Management.  David also has extensive Print experience, across all processes, as well as with Supplier Audits, QC Problem Solving, Brand Colour Control, Press Passes and Packaging Training.