4th International ECCC Creep & Fracture Conference

10 Sep 2017 - 14 Sep 2017

The 4th International ECCC Creep & Fracture Conference in Düsseldorf will bring together engineers and scientists from around the world to present and discuss the latest research and developments in all aspects of creep behaviour and creep-related interactions (e.g. creep / fatigue / oxidation / environmental interactions) of high temperature industrial materials and components. The overall aim is to consolidate existing knowledge and identify future work items requiring attention from the high temperature research, design and standardisation communities.

The European Creep Collaborative Committee (ECCC) is the leading voice of European experts on subjects relating to creep, representing the views of alloy producers, plant manufacturers and end-users. For nearly 25 years ECCC has been engaged in the co-ordination of Europe-wide creep data generation, collation and assessment activities, with the aim of pooling national data resources to provide the optimum basis for creep property values for European Product and Design Standards.

Conference Topics will include:

High Temperature Materials Development
Creep Data Analysis and Methodology Recommendations
Component Design and Life Assessment
Microstructural and Damage Studies
High Temperature Damage Interaction
Effects  of Flexible Operation on High Temperature Materials
Lifetime Assessment and Determination
New Creep Testing and Modeling Methods

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