• Fuel’s gold - biofuel from unwanted plants

    Materials World magazine
    Engineers and ecologists in the USA are looking into the viability of converting woody plants on uncultivated land into a useable biofuel.
  • Rubberwood hybrid composite

    Rubberwood composite – chip off a new block

    Materials World magazine
    A hybrid particleboard composite may address the rising demand for rubberwood in the developing world – and help lower prices of indigenous raw materials.
  • Floating house, from Floating Homes GmbH. Images courtesy of Martin Förster/www.floatinghomes.de

    Floats of fancy - homes on water

    Materials World magazine
    How can you live like Ratty in The Wind and the Willows , address your vitamin D deficiency and stay dry when Antarctica melts? Buy a floating house.
  • 21st Century Pint

    The Materials KTN has launched 21st Century Pint, a best practice website to help reduce the number of injuries caused by drinking vessels in pubs and other licensed premises
  • ornamental teak carving

    Future bleak for natural teak?

    Wood Focus magazine
    When it comes to survival, a shrinking gene pool can put a whole species at risk. Such a problem could be facing the teak tree, which, despite increased planting efforts, is suffering from dwindling natural forests.
  • children's wooden blocks

    Outreach and the Wood Technology Society

    Wood Focus magazine
    How the Wood Technology Society is engaging with schoolchildren.
  • International Wood Products Journal

    Journal news

    Wood Focus magazine
    The latest issue of International Wood Products Journal on the theme of panel products is available.
  • sweet chestnut blight

    Fight the sweet blight

    Wood Focus magazine
    Fungal blight Cryophonectria parasitica could eradicate the UK’s sweet chestnut tree population.
  • Petroleum plastics: a thing of the past?

    Materials World magazine
    Oil-based plastics could soon be replaced by those made from biomass, say researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
  • Action man - the building expert for conflict zones

    Materials World magazine
    An interview with Paul Biddle, an expert at making order out of chaos. He has worked as a soldier, prison governor and civil engineering researcher, and specialises in overseeing building projects in conflict zones around the world.