• IOM3 appoints Strategic Advisors

    In 2018, the Trustees of IOM3 approved the creation of a new Technical Communities Board (TCB) The TCB’s role will be to provide a catalyst for multidisciplinary activity between technical groups of IOM3. The selection process is now complete and we are pleased to announce our new Strategic Advisors.
  • Age limits in IOM3 activities

    IOM3 responds to the age limits in IOM3 related activities
  • Balsa - Is it strong?

    The Wood Technology Society
    Strength of balsa? Live test.
  • Wooden buildings reach new heights

    Materials World magazine
    Timber structures are rising in popularity and proposed building regulation changes will allow for even taller wooden towers in some countries. Ceri Jones reports.
  • Memorabilia giveaway

    To celebrate the 150th anniversary year, IOM3 is giving members the opportunity to collect some memorabilia from the Institute through the decades.
  • Member survey – have your say

    The Institute is currently looking at ways in which it can better meet the professional needs of its members and improve the overall member experience. As part of this exercise, we will be issuing a digital member survey in the coming weeks and hope as many members as possible will complete it.
  • Victorian Woodwork in London

    The Wood Technology Society
    Excellent late Victorian woodwork.
  • Wood in Ethiopia

    The Wood Technology Society
    WTS Board Member, Jim Coulson reports. "I recently visited Tigray Province in Ethiopia, as part of a study tour organised by my International Wood Committee. The focus was primarily on...
  • Timber 2019 - Call for Papers

    The Wood Technology Society
    This event provides a forum to present academic and industrial research in timber. A poster session will allow additional opportunities to showcase early-stage research and demonstrate industrial product development. Don’t...
  • Timber 2019

    The Wood Technology Society
    A conference for the UK timber industry.