"More Trees Please"

The Wood Technology Society
28 Feb 2020

Greeting visitors.

WTS Board member Gervais Sawyer with his family and friends recently attended the Brighton Science Fair with a novel display stand to promote the wonders of wood to primary school children and their parents.
The theme was “More Trees Please”.
Visitors were given clipboards with activity sheets to complete. They examined a large shopping trolley full of products derived from trees, aiming to find the product that was not from wood.
“How old was my Christmas tree?”  Count the rings. Then count the rings on a larger slice of tree and put a flag on your birthday ring.
Another task was to look at the local trees and identify them from the leaves (a bit more difficult in February!).
Then, came some lab work; a look at wood under the microscope; feel the weight of a small piece of wood and try to pick up a 25 litre drum of water (because the tree needed all that moisture to make that piece of wood).
A very popular activity was blowing soap bubbles through a piece of (red) oak.
Finally, search the big glass tank exhibiting the forest floor to examine everything living and rotting.
Gervais reports that nearly 500 children experienced “More Trees Please,” with much laughter and fun.  A sure sign that they learned something!
Gervais’s alta ego “The Saw Doctor” was playing on a large TV, and the children were impressed to see him in the flesh.
A day full of enjoyment, but with the serious objective of informing about the importance of trees and wood, in our ever fragile environment.