Good News!

The Wood Technology Society
24 Feb 2020

Good news!  We have sourced  the seven “lost“ IWSc Newsletters.

Dr Harry Greaves

With the kind and generous help of Dr Harry Greaves (pictured above), we are now pleased to have digitalized and archived on our WTS website the complete set of IWSc Newsletters from March 1989 through to Spring 1999.  The Newsletter was then re-vamped and re-titled “Woodfocus,” and all copies of Woodfocus are available to Members on the WTS website.  The collection of IWSc Newsletters can be accessed here

Dr Greaves is an internationally renowned and eminent wood scientist, especially in the field of wood preservation, who lives in Glen Iris, Melbourne, and spent many years at CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Division of Forestry and Forest Products,

On leaving CSIRO he established the consultancy practice HG Consulting.

Dr Greaves is a Councillor of the TPPA (Timber Preservers Association of Australia) and Chair of the Technical Committee. He also chairs the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia Quality Control Committee, and serves on Standards Australia committee TM012 repsonsible for wood preservation and grading standards.

Harry was a long standing and active member of the Australian Branch of the IWSc and is a Past Chairman of the Branch.

Harry is photographed below (right) in 1996 meeting past IWSc President and current WTS Board Member, Keith Purcell, who was on a visit to Australia.

Amongst many papers and presentations Harry has also written books, such as Wood Preservation in Australia.

With the help of Harry we have also access to a large number of issues of Wood Science Digest published by the Australian branch of the IWSc, and we are looking to digitalize this very unique collection in the near future.

My thanks in this detective work to my WTS Board colleagues Gervais Sawyer and Jim Coulson, and also to Ian Bowbrick (Director of Membership and Professional Standards, IOM3).