Wood in Art

The Wood Technology Society
29 Nov 2019

The celebrated Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei produced an art installation consisting of 81 wooden balls. 

Each ball measures 65 x 65 x 65cm, and weighs 35kg.

One of these is now up for auction at Koller International Auctions, Switzerland, on December 7th 2019.   

Ai Weiwei wooden ball.  Koller International Auctions.

The above image has been taken from the Koller Auction House on-line prospectus, and for more information on the piece click here.

Made from huali, the piece is based on an original concept by Leonardo da Vinci.

Huali is more commonly known as Chinese rosewood  (Dalbergia odorifera), and is a species under threat through over exploitation.  This species in indigenous to China.  The tree grows to around 10 - 15 metres in height.  It has claimed medicinal properties, and is also used in very high quality furniture.  Certainly it was a prized material for furniture in various Chinese dynasties.