Wood Technology Society sponsors the UK Wood Panels Conference

The Wood Technology Society
23 Nov 2018

The inaugural UK Wood Panels Conference of the National Panel Products Division of the Timber Trade Federation on 7 November which attracted some 100 registered delegates, unfortunately reduced a little on the day because of the Tube strike, provided the ideal opportunity for The Wood Technology Society (WTS) to present its credentials. 

With the WTS logo clearly in evidence on-screen during presentations, on the front cover of the conference programme/delegate list, a ‘lobby’ table with WTS roll-up banner, copies of three issues of Materials World and IOM3, WTS and Fellowship leaflets plus a full-page ad placement in the table programme for the NPPD annual dinner which followed and which attracted over 200 guests, The Wood Technology Society, it’s association with IOM3 and the Schools Affiliate Scheme can not have gone unnoticed!

‘Wood science and technology – their future is in your hands’ was our dual message, of the disciplines themselves as they have in recent years been generally overlooked by the wider wood trade and industries and of the aim of the WTS to raise the awareness of wood as a modern material amongst school children of all ages and the opportunities afforded such that a wood science and technology future is not overlooked by the next generations.

The key themes of the seminar were adding value and innovation.  Hopefully it will also not have gone unnoticed that both of those are rather heavily reliant on wood science and technology! 

Active support of the WTS from trade and industry via the Industry Affiliate Scheme (there is a link to current supporting companies from the WTS home page) would, by demonstrating a collective belief in the cause, do far more than just give us the funding we will need in order to develop the information resource necessary in the drive to realise those futures.