Gervais Sawyer Wins Prestigious IOM3 Award

The Wood Technology Society
28 Jul 2018
Gervais's "thank you" speech.

WTS Board Member, Gervais Sawyer (FIMMM) has won the prestigious 2018 Robert Perrin Award for outstanding and sustained commitment to outreach activity covering Materials Science and Technology and targeted at 11-19 year old students.





Gervais comments, "I felt really out of place. There were people getting awards for research into superalloys for hot end gas turbine blades and others for a lifetime working on titanium and its alloys. Meanwhile, all I could offer was outreach to young people 11-19.  The daughter of Robert Perrin (The Robert Perrin Award) was there and was absolutely delightful.  (Pictured below, presenting the Award to Gervais.)

Gervais Sawyer receiving his Award

When my turn came (to accept the Award) I thought that the proceedings needed lightening a bit. So, I said that whilst those who knew me, knew that I was rather passionate about wood. However, I had to admit that wood makes useless hot end turbine blades, and is a pretty inefficient solar panel compared to the Perovskite team. So, I said that whilst young people accepted my wood message very readily, quite often their teacher would come up to me and say "Where can I buy good wood?"  and I say "Well you must ask to see their one by two (1" x 2"). I can see from the grey hair in the audience gathered that I don't have to translate that into 44 x 19. (Big laugh). In fact.........(and I launched into song to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).....

The two by one, the two by one,
That's the stuff for you old son.
It makes your DIY such fun,
You can't go wrong with the two by one
I would not lie, I kid you not, it's the greatest of them all.
The four by two is much too large
And the one by one's too small.

Gervais providing further proof that the subject of wood is also very entertaining, in addition to its many other attributes!