Timber 2018 Conference

The Wood Technology Society
14 Jul 2018

The Timber 2018 conference was organised by the Wood Technology Society and IOM3 on 26-28 June. The primary aim of this event is to report the latest developments in timber research in the UK, and to discuss their potential within UK markets as new products or processes.

A very full and active programme was undertaken, encompassing many aspects of interest to the UK timber sector.

It is over 10 years since an event of this kind was hosted by the then Institute of Wood Science. It proved to be a valuable experience, drawing in many from industry as well as academics from a wide range of disciplines applied to wood.

The presented programme included several guest speakers from outside the UK, on topics to inspire and stimulate discussion. The WTS were very pleased with the way the event ran, the great atmosphere and the nature of technical discussions, which resulted from the technical talks.

Advance planning is underway for the WTS to hold a similar event in 2019 to maintain this impetus for the wood technology community in the UK to work together.

A Conference Report will appear in the TTJ, July issue.

Morwenna Spear