Wood Technology Society at the Weald Wood Fair

The Wood Technology Society
6 Nov 2017


The Weald Wood Fair is a long established three day event attended by many thousands of people, especially families.

This year, Gervais Sawyer, recipient of the 2017 Marsden Award, spent some of his award money on a new posh pop-up gazebo tent just for such occasions.

This time he was showing people wood under the lens and then under the microscope, and his grandson (on the left) is quite skilled with the microtome and demonstrated how to cut 20 micron sections, stain them and mount slides.

There was great interest and amazement at the beautiful microstructure of wood - indeed very few people have ever looked down a microscope.

Because of the familiarity and concerns people have with wood rotting, it was appropriate to wave the Property Care Association banner as well.

Being educational, the Weald Wood Fair gave the plot for free.