Latest edition of the RSC Environmental Chemistry Group's Bulletin

Sustainable Development Group
8 Aug 2016

Contents include-

Promise and perils of geoengineering. Following the 2016 Distinguished Guest Lecture and Symposium, we publish a meeting report (pp. 9–10) and four articles (pp. 11–21) on the science and politics of geoengineering. DGL lecturer Dr. Alan Robock (pp. 19–21) highlights the risks of a widely discussed geoengineering strategy, stratospheric aerosol injection, and concludes that geoengineering must not be seen as a panacea to global warming.

Environmental Briefs. We continue our series with Briefs on waste classification (James Lymer, pp. 23–24) and the relative-rate technique for calculating rate constants (Martin King, pp. 25–26).

Also in this issue. ECG member Rowena Fletcher-Wood talks about her career in science communication (p. 3), Martin King has fun with a chemistry kit (p. 4), Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink provides an update on the links between energy and air pollution (p. 5), Tom Sizmur reviews a book on the main elements associated with environmental pollution (p. 6), and William Bloss writes about Criegee Intermediates in atmospheric chemistry (p. 7).

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