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More power from renewables than gas during recent UK winter

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit have found that UK renewables generated more power than gas in the 2023/24 winter.


New network to harmonise Life Cycle Assessment within Foundation Industries

Academics have won funding to help the UK Foundation Industries use Life Cycle Assessment tools to reduce their environmental impact


Recovering 100% of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer

A closed-loop path for synthesising carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer and recovering all its starting materials has been designed at the US Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Materials Science and Technology Vol. 40, No. 6, out now

Dry sliding wear characteristics and the effects of ultrasonic cavitation on microstructure and surface properties are among the topics discussed.

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Surface Engineering Vol. 40, No. 1, out now

Electropolishing, surface integrity and oxidisation behaviour are among the topics discussed in this issue.

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Waste wood turns waste heat into electricity

Waste from wood products can convert waste heat into electricity, according to an Irish-Spanish study.


Faraday Institution researchers can fast-track access to testing facilities

UK battery researchers can apply for rapid access to facilities at the Henry Royce Institute, UK.


Foundation Industries get helping hand

Foundation Industries Ventures (FIVe) is a business incubator and accelerator for innovation and decarbonisation within the foundation industries.


Dry Andes study gives insight into lithium mining

US researchers have sampled water sources in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia to provide data on the water cycles used in lithium mining.


Silicon-gel propels electric vehicles further on a single charge

An integrated silicon-gel electrolyte system could make it possible for electric vehicles to travel up to 1,000km on a single charge.


Tata steel workers vote for strike

Around 1,500 Tata steelworkers based in Port Talbot and Newport Llanwern, UK, have voted for industrial action.

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'True one-way glass' with solar future

Researchers in Aalto University, Finland, claim their metamaterial is 'true one-way glass' previously deemed beyond existing technologies.


World’s largest thermal energy storage to be built

The largest seasonal thermal energy storage in the world is reported to be built underground in Vantaa, Finland.

Campaigning & elections – guide for IOM3 Active Supporters & Volunteers

Charity campaigning FAQs

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Ironmaking & Steelmaking Vol. 51, No. 2, out now

Molecular dynamics analysis, cleanliness control and sinter screening index predictions are among the topics discussed.

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3D-printed titanium metamaterial boasts 'supernatural' strength

The metamaterial has 'levels of strength for weight not normally seen in nature or manufacturing' say RMIT University designers, Australia.

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World minerals production trends published

The British Geological Survey reports decline of minerals production in Ukraine, alongside a global increase in zirconium, lithium and cobalt production.

Transcript elastomer.docx

Transcript of IOM3 Investigates... Elastomer-like materials in fashion

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Biomineralised film to prevent corrosion of marine concrete

A biomineralisation strategy from Hong Kong Polytechnic University to stop microbial corrosion in marine concrete.

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