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Duty of care - Lessons from Grenfell

A new standard came from the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, UK. Julian French - of Sandberg LLP sits on the BSI Committee - lays out BS 99001.


A new take on the medical technology sector

The medical technology sector’s sustainability credentials are being challenged.

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Reaching out to STEM ambassadors

STEM ambassadors share their experiences of outreach work.


Packaging’s role in limiting corrosion of metal products

Why correct packaging and production systems for metal components should be a high priority for manufacturers.

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Keeping your timber - the potential of UK wood

Creating a sustainable future for UK timber.

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Football at the grassroots

The UK’s celebrated Wembley Stadium has begun recycling plastic from its old pitches in what it bills as a first for football.

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Lean or adaptable? A balancing act in construction

Weighing up design for adaptability against lean design in construction.

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Game changer - graphene shapes the fabric of sport

Tracking through the latest developments of graphene use in sport.

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The fight for graphite - increasing demand on resources

The increasing demand for electric vehicles is putting pressure on the world’s graphite resources.


Fungal materials make leather

Dr Michael Ford MIMMM at Haseltine Lake Kempner explores a patent for an artificial leather material made from mushrooms.


A shoe in? Can the global trainers industry be more sustainable?

Researchers from Queen Mary University and the University of the Arts London, UK, put trainers through their paces.


Cleaning up healthcare - a circular economy for medical devices

How can materials support a circular economy in medical devices?

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Padding up - a circular approach to cricket gear

A Circular Cricket Gear Project from the University for the Creative Arts and the University of Cambridge, UK, drives home the need for sustainable cricket gear.

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Rethinking the PET bottles to textiles loop

Is diverting used PET bottles to textiles the sustainability utopia it’s made out to be?


Transparent flame retardant from bamboo

A transparent material derived from bamboo that is reportedly flame-retardant, smoke-suppressing and superhydrophobic has been developed in China.


Laser surface texturing a tumble dryer to reduce energy consumption

Innovative manufacturing technologies are being explored to improve performance and create more environmentally sustainable products.


Inside e-commerce packaging

E-commerce reached new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic and sees no signs of diminishing. Yet, how products are packaged for delivery is constantly changing.

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Creating a spark - the impact of STEM outreach

Young people’s career goals and aspirations can be hugely impacted by STEM outreach. What is involved in curating and delivering engaging experiences?


Wind-assisted vessel to transport copper concentrates

BHP, Pan Pacific Copper (PPC) and Norsepower have completed retrofit installation of wind propulsion technology onboard a combination carrier.

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Climate advisors warn UK 'off track' for net-zero

The Climate Change Committee reports that only a third of the emissions reductions required by 2030 are currently covered by credible plans.