SMEA lecture programme - Learning New Skills

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
8 Sep 2020

SMEA is planning to hold its lecture programme virtually this year due to the covid-19 pandemic and this will mean some members (including the author) having to learn new skills and in particular how to use Zoom 

If you've never heard of Zoom you are not alone and if you are like me, retired, then words like virtual lecture and Zoom are sufficient to turn your hair grey. Don't despair there is hope for us. One of our members, James Mansfield, has pointed out that there is a service offered by AgeUK Sheffield that might be helpful in assisting older members (60+/retired) to learn these new skills. AgeUK Sheffield have a 'digital support' service (more information go to: ) which offers drop-in sessions where people can just turn up at Sheffield Library or the AgeUK offices with specific basic questions about their digital devices/accessing the internet, and these are due to restart post-covid in the not too distant future. It can also make home visits (available to AgeUK members only) and can offer limited support via email (, or telephone (0114 250 2850). The enquiries they typically deal with are basic issues like "How do I use Zoom?" or "How do I connect to the internet?" or "What's an App?" etc. We can also provide hard-copies of information guides.

So you have no need to miss out on the SMEA Lecture programme. You can skill up and listen to the lectures from the comfort of your home. One final point is that it may be possible to set up a training session. If you're interested write to: