Engaging Young Scientists

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
19 Nov 2019
Peter at UTC discussing materials with a budding scientist


An objective the SMEA has set is to stimulate interest in Science and particularly Materials Science with the specific aim of introducing young people to the science of materials so they seriously consider it as a career option. In the past two weeks the Education group led by Peter Morgan has used a Discovery Box supplied by the Institute at two Education facilities at different ends of the education spectrum: UTC in Sheffield and Ramsden Primary school in North Nottinghamshire

UTC  offer specialist courses designed with employers in five areas: Computing; Creative & Digital Media; Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing; Health Sciences and Sport Science. Students can join from age 13 or at age 16 and study an academic curriculum. Ramsden by contrast is a village Primary who last year were the only Primary School in the country to be invited to the House of Commons where they received a  Highly Recommended for the work they've done on STEM.

Along with a number of local employers, Peter and his team attended an open evening at UTC. They took along The Discovery Box and for two hours spent their time discussing and explaining the variety of objects in the box with students and their parents. Most people didn't understand the variety of materials we use, the strides made in recent times that has resulted in new materials being developed and on the back of this new or improved product becoming available.

Two weeks later they visited the STEM club at Ramsden and twelve 8 to 10 year olds to the world of materials. An hour later the children were buzzing with excitement after having seen amongst many things, the properties of Super Putty, seen how Quantum Tunnel Composite is used and been shown how a variety of products from plastic drinks bottles to wellies and even 'paper' money can be recycled. Peter and his team were glad to sit down with a cup of  tea

If you know of a school who might be interested in the Education Team visiting a school with The Discovery Box then contact Peter: petercmorgan@btinternet.com .