SMEA Quiz Night

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
25 Oct 2017
SMEA Quiz 2017 Winners

The SMEA Quiz Night has turned out to be one of many highlights in the SMEA yearly programme of events. This years quiz marked a first with Ken Ridal winning a prize and in his own words: 'A most appropriate prize; chocolate balls', the winning team included Mick Steeper, who will set next years quiz and there was a three way tie for second place which resulted in a tie-break question for the first time in the 25 year history of the quiz.

This year Paul Madden and Joe Veele set the quiz. It had an excellent balance of quirky questions to  complement those on science, local knowledge, and murderers (Who was the last Sheffield murderer to be hanged?).  The eventual winners, led by next years quiz master Mick Steeper, won with 58 points but the drama came for second place with three teams on 54.5 points. A tie break question was needed but the quiz masters were unprepared. Joe, not for the first time in the evening, thought on his feet and asked the three teams to answer the following question: ' How many stores do IKEA have world wide'. The team nearest to the correct answer would win. The first team to answer said:'150', there were groans from the audience, the second team answered:'1000', the audience chuckled but the closest answer came from team three who said: '250'. They were crowned runners up and were awarded a box of chocolates each. The general consensus was that the prize would do as an Xmas present

And so to the final prize of the evening, given to the team with the best (most appropriate) name; readers please note the participants vote for the winner. There was the usual crop of names eulogizing the demise of Stocksbridge, Stainless, and Tata R&D but the winning team were the trio calling themselves appropriately: Kim (not so) Jong Uns. Much to every ones amazement Ken Ridal the MC said: ' At last we have a team name worthy of the prize' and awarded, fittingly, the prize of ' chocolate balls' (another Ken quote) to himself and his two colleagues.

It was a most entertaining evening and the quiz masters were given a rousing ovation for  their efforts.


Oh. I nearly forgot to give you the answers; The murderer was Charlie Peace and the number of stores is 387