Overview of Metallurgical Aspects of Safety and Failures in Merchant Ships. Tuesday 4th Feb

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
1 Feb 2014
On Tuesday 4th February Dr Jan Przydatek, Deputy Chief Metallurgist, Lloyds Register will give an historical overview of major failures, starting with the Liberty Ships of  WW2, that have shaped the development of the rules by which ships are constructed.  He will dispel the idea that brittle fracture is a problem relegated to history and give examples of quality issues and how they are resolved.  He will conclude with the major safety concerns regarding the construction and operation of large container ships and how the industry has reacted to the problem

The event is to be held at the Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria – Sheffield
Coffee and Biscuits at 5.30 - Presentation at 6.00.

Non- Members are most welcome.