Energy Storage for Renewable Power: The Case for Hydrogen Tuesday 18th February

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
1 Feb 2014
Dr Graham Cooley will give the second lecture of the year entitled: Energy Storage for Renewable Power: The Case for Hydrogen. Graham  joined ITM Power as CEO in 2009.  He was Business Development Manager in National Power plc and spent 11 years developing energy storage and generation technologies.   Sheffield based  ITM Power has progressed from start-up in 2001 to an AIM listed company with a range of products and international projects.   They have developed polymeric ion-conducting materials for hydrogen generation by water electrolysis and are developing engineering solutions for zero-carbon generation for a range of applications. 

Graham will outline the principles of energy storage and the role that hydrogen can play in improving the utilisation of renewable power. The production of a zero carbon footprint transport fuel will be examined along with the options for rolling out a hydrogen transport fuel infrastructure in the uk and worldwide.  Details at