National Lecture Competition

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
3 Feb 2011

The Regional Heat of the IOM3 National Lecture Competition will be held on Tuesday 1st March at Holiday Inn – Royal Victoria, 5.30 for 6.00.Do not forget to join us for the Lecture Competition, which as always proves to be enjoyable.

There will be only one class with an age limit of 28 and the prize for the winner will be £100. Points are given for clarity of presentation, structure, visual aids and duration.

We have four fifteen minute presentations from young graduates – the broad range of subject will challenge the judges!

                                   University of Sheffield     Sarah Haine
                                     Sustainable Plate Manufacturing

                                          Corus RD&T     Amir Nabil
                                  Taking the Mass out of Thermal Mass

                         Outokumpu Stainless    Navaneeth Ranakrishnan
                                    Corrosion Behaviour of Metallic Glasses

                                    Siemens VAI    Simon Bainbridge
                                              Dropping Slinkies


Please encourage your colleagues to come along and support the event.
                         Coffee and Biscuits at 5.30, presentations at 6.00
                         Panini & Sandwiches during the break for judging

Documents for download: 
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