Experiences with Super Duplex Stainless Steels

18 Feb 2020

Glenn Byrne, Director Technology and Projects, Rolled Alloys will talk about his Experiences with Super Duplex Stainless Steels.  

Glenn will discuss some of the past and present metallurgical problems experienced when using super duplex stainless steel on major oil and gas industry projects. Avoiding intermetallic phases, or deciding what may or may not be an acceptable level of intermetallic precipitation has been challenging in both the manufacture and fabrication of components. 

The presentation outlines a series of interconnected metallurgical problems that occurred over a period of time. These involve sigma phase in solution treated and water quenched products and in “as welded” joints and nitrides in forgings. These problems raised many questions and had significant implications for project activity.  While the time line of these experiences ranges from the early 1990’s to today, the continued development of the global supply chain means that the issues remain current and very relevant.

He concludes by considering the role of nitrides in limiting the low temperature impact toughness of forgings used in subsea applications and how this is metallurgically managed to achieve acceptable impact properties at minus 70°C.

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