11 January 2023

Heritage items for disposal

IOM3 is seeking information from members regarding these items before we seek to dispose of them.


Through various mergers and visits IOM3 has collected a large amount of interesting archive material and heritage assets. Written items are kept in the IOM3 library in Grantham and members are free to visit and consult material by appointment.

While some of the physical items amassed have clear links to IOM3 and its predecessors, we have a number of items in the IOM3 heritage collection which, while visually appealing, have no discernible provenance, and often no clear relationship to IOM3 or predecessors. IOM3 is seeking information from members regarding these items.

Where no clear link to IOM3 can be found, we are seeking to dispose of these unrelated items. IOM3 has developed a policy for disposal where options include keeping assets with a link to IOM3 or its predecessors, gifting items to other organisations which have a clear link to the asset, or disposal by transparent sale. Throwing an item away would be the least favoured and last option.

IOM3 intends to display some of the remaining items in London and Grantham as appropriate.

Our first tranche of objects for disposal are listed below. Future lists will be added to this page.

The items below are under consideration for disposal. Please email any information to Katherine Williams by 28 February as work wil begin on disposal after that date.

Pair of cream vases, with separate stands.

No identifying markings. Oriental pattern. Badly cracked.

vase and base
© Katherine Williams/IOM3

Wall clock and key (came to London from Stoke office)

Clock, brown wood casing, glass reveals pendulum. Decorative carving at top. Maker’s name Kieninger on face. Latch to open case. Key silver coloured metallic.

© Katherine Williams/IOM3

Boxed Dartington 24% lead crystal bowl - Lynton

Engraved Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining Wardell Armstrong prize presented to S Bright 2015 the bowl hhas not been claimed by the winner.

© Katherine Williams/IOM3


From the old IOM3 London office, 1 Carlton House Terrace. Currently in storage.

boxed lights
© IOM3
two boxed chandeliers
© IOM3


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