Tuesday 19 October
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Welcome to ECCC2021
A Di Gianfrancesco (Chair of ECCC)

09:10   08:10   Plenary
Global Overview of the Energy Scene
Dr Andrew Minchener OBE
General Manager (IEACCC) UK
09:30   08:30   Plenary

Experiences on the Materials Service in the Chinese USC Power Plant
Prof. Liu Zhengdong,  Director Institute for Special Steels - China Iron and Steel Research Institute
Dr Che Chang Che, Senior Engineer - China Special Equipment Inspection Institute
Beijing, China

09:50   08:50  

Can Long Term Time to Rupture data be Predicted Using Only Tensile Test Data?
Mike Spindler, EDF Energy, UK

10:10   09:10  

Status of Art on US AUSCritical Program’s Component Test Program
Dr. Robert Purgert, President of Energy Industries of Ohio, USA
Horst Hack, Technical Executive, Bulk Energy Storage – EPRI, USA

10:30   09:30   Plenary
High Temperature Material Requirements for the Current and Next Generation of Nuclear Power Plants
Dr. Hyeong-Yeon Lee
Principal Investigator, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Rep. of Korea
10:50   09:50   Break
11:00   10:00   Keynote
Effects of Chemical Composition and Heat Treatment on Creep Properties of P91 Steel Base Metal
M Yaguchi (CRIEPI) Japan
11:20   10:20   Keynote
Recent Progress on the Modelling of Creep Cavitation, Deformation, and Creep Fracture
Q Xu (University of Huddersfield) UK
11:40   10:40   Keynote
Is it Time to Rehabilitate the Power Law?
J M Brear (Plant Integrity) UK
12:00   11:00   Keynote
Creep Rupture Ductility of Ferritic Creep Resistant Steels
K Kimura (NIMS) Japan
12:20   11:20   Keynote
Status of Writing a Comprehensive Engineering Composition About the Martensitic Steel Grad Family a Collaboration of VGB FDBR FVWHT and Research Institutes in Denmark and Germany
M Bader (UNIPER) Germany
12:40   11:40   Keynote
Effect of Segregation on Creep Strength in Grade 91 Steels
K Sawada (NIMS) Japan
13:00   12:00   Keynote
The 2019 ECCC Datasheet for Grade 91 – Using ECCC Recommendations to Resolve the Rupture Properties of an Industry Workhorse
A Riva (Ansaldo Energis) Italy
13:20   12:20   Keynote
The Assessment of Creep Rupture Properties for the ECCC 2019 Datasheet for Grade 92
C Bullough (GE) UK
13:40   12:40   Day 1 Closing Remarks
A Di Gianfrancesco (Chair of ECCC)
14:00   13:00   End of Day 1


Wednesday 20 October
CET   BST      
09:00   08:00   Welcome
A Di Gianfrancesco (Chair of ECCC)
        Session 1A - Creep Strength Enhanced
Ferritic Steels

Chair: J Hald (MEK) Denmark
Session 1B -Serviced & Exposed Materials
Chair T. Kern (Siemens) Germany
09:10   08:10  

Development of creep-resistant steels by self healing: from model alloys to more robust steel compositions - Yifan Fu (TUDelft) Netherlands

Probablistic Creep-Fatigue: a plant component case study - Julian Booker (University of Bristol) UK
09:20    08:20 

Creep properties of ASTM A335 P92 pipe parent material and erection welded joint simulation: effect of 1 or 3 PWHT - Arianna Gotti (RINA-CSM) Italy

Express Evaluation of Resource Characteristics of Metal of Pipeline Details - Vladimir Gladstein (VTI OJSC) 
09:30   08:30
  Thor™115 pipes in Refinery Furnaces - R. Locatelli (Tenaris) The Creep Strength of Aberrant Grade 91 Steel - Steve Brett (Consultant) UK
09:40   08:40
  Evolution of Precipitation Particles with Respect to Grain Boundary Energy in Grade 91 Steel during Creep Exposure - Yu Yamamoto (Tenaris) Correlation of hardness with maximum allowable stresses and service / remaining lives of Grade 91 steel - Zhifang Peng (University of Wuhan) China
09:50   08:50
  Study on microstructural evolution of the cast MarBN steel during high temperature aging - An Chunxiang (SE)
Issues and solutions for integrity of pressure vessels and piping subjected to long-term creep exposure in supercritical thermal plants  and piping subjected to high-temperature operation in creep range - Hyeong-Yeon Lee (KAERI)
10:00   09:10   Effects of Chemical Composition and Heat Treatment on Creep Properties of P91 Steel Welded Joint - Masatsugu Yaguchi (CIEPI) Metallic replica technique for residual life assessment for components serviced in creep regime - (RTMBreda) Italy
10:10   09:10
  Creep behaviour and microstructure changes of heat resistant steel P92 processed by severe plastic deformation - Petr Kral (IPM)
Effects of abnormal structure on creep strength of long-term used 9Cr steel welded joint - Shengde Zhang (CRIEPI)
10:20   09:20  

Use of THOR®115 in design of new generation Combined cycle Power Plant - Antonella Ferrara (Tenaris)

Operating parameters monitoring in pressure equipment working under creep range - Corrado Delle Site (INAIL)
10:30   09:30
  Mechanical Properties of CB2 Cross-Welds - Susanne Baumgartner (Voestalpine)
Session 2B - Modelling/Special testing
Chair M. Schwienheer (TU Darmstadt) Germany
10:40   09:40
  Effect of prior austenitisation temperature on void formation during creep in Grade 22 steel - Soraya Von Willingh (UCT) South Africa   Physical Background and Simulation of Creep in Steels - Stan Mandziej (CS)
10:50   09:50   Heavy wall forged pipes of grade 92: effect of heat treatment conditions on microstructure and creep resistance - Ettore Anelli (Franchini Acciai) Fracture damage evolution and structural integrity assessment under creep-fatigue interaction - Valery Shlyannikov (FRC Kazan) Russia
11:00   10:00   Type IV creep crack initiation and propagation in mod.9Cr-1Mo steel welds - Takashi Honda (MHI)
A Proposal and Methodology for the Accelerated Implementation of Probablistic Approaches in the Nuclear Sector - Julian Booker (University of Bristol)
11:10   10:10      CreeSo – Software for creep simulation of complex alloys - Gerold Zuderstorfer (TUGraz)





11:30   10:30   Session 2A - Austenitic & Nickel Alloys 
Chair E.Poggio (Ansaldo Energia) Italy
Application of a physically-based dislocation creep model to P92 for constructing TTR diagrams - Florian Riedlsperger (TUGraz)
11:40   10:40
  Creep Deformation and Rupture Behavior of Pre-Strained Type 304 Stainless Steel - Haruhisa Shigeyama (CRIEPI)
Creep analysis of a main steam pipe system - Jan Storesund (KIWA)
11:50   10:50
  Verification of Long-term Creep Rupture Properties and Microstructure Stability of Ni based Alloy 45Ni-24Fe-23Cr-7W-Ti Parent Metal and Weldment - Tsuyoshi Tokairin (MHI)
Excessive Creep Strain Design Check with Simulations based on Material Properties from Material Standards - Franz Rauscher (TUWien) Austria
12:00   11:00   Short-term creep behaviour of Additive Manufactured Hastelloy X material - Evy De Bruycker (Engie)
The influence of an evolving multiaxial stress on small punch creep of a nickel superalloy - Will Harrison (University of Swansea)
12:10   11:10
  Constitutive Description of Creep Behaviour of Nuclear Grade 316L SS with Varying Nitrogen Content - Prasad Reddy (IGCAR)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Informed Finite Element Creep-Fatigue Analysis of Power Plant Components - Chris Hyde (University of Nottingham)  
12:20   11:20
  Thermal ageing and creep damage in 316(N) alloys: a 3D analysis - Oguz Berk Ozdemir (INP)
Reliability of API 530 for creep life prediction  of long service exposed 9Cr-1Mo steel tubes - Reza Khadem Hosseini (RIPI)
12:30   11:30
  Microstructural Characterisation of Advanced Austenitic Stainless Steel Super 304H - Charlotte Pulsford (University of Loughborough) A Continuum Damage Mechanics approach to model stress relaxation and its relationship with primary creep and anelastic recovery - Dario Ripamonti (CNR-ICMATE)
12:40   11:40
  The new ECCC Datasheet for Alloy 617: multi-regime models to cover a wide range of temperature - Andrea Riva (Ansaldo Energia)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Informed Finite Element Creep-Fatigue Analysis of Power Plant Components - Chris Hyde (University of Nottingham)
12:50   11:50
  Creep behavior and microstructural Evolution for TP347H Austenite Steel used in China plants - Chang Che (SINA)
Extrapolation Methods: Development, Application and Validation of Novel Methods, Part 2 - Magdalena Speicher (University of Stuttgart) Germany
13:00   12:00   Creep Rupture Properties of ATI 718Plus – An Approach to Assessing Sparse Data - Chris Bullough (GE)
New approaches to determine negligible creep  - Stefan Holmström (SCK CEN) Belgium
13:10   12:10
  The creep and fracture behavior of additively manufactured Inconel 625 and 718 - Kwangtae Son (USC)
Estimation of uniaxal and creep properties by small punch testing in support of ECCC test programmes  - Stefan Holmström (SCK CEN) Belgium
13:20   12:20   Effect of solution heat treatment temperature on creep rupture strength of 18Cr-9Ni-3Cu-Nb-N steel - Keita Hashimoto (MHI)
Development of a new Small Punch Creep Testing machine - Sergio Budano (Compusystem) Italy
13:30   12:30   Closing Remarks
A Di Gianfrancesco (Chair of ECCC)
13:40   12:40
  End of Conference


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