The YPWLC is an extension of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition (YPLC) and is organised by the IOM3 Student & Early Career Committee.

The winners of the national finals, held in countries where IOM3 has international branches or sister institutions, compete in the world final, which every year is held in a different location around the world. The first YPWLC was held in London in 2005, and since then has travelled to different locations in four continents.

The YPWLC finalists normally gather in the city where the final is to be held ahead of time, to have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences. They also have a programme of technical, cultural and social visits based around the competition, so that they get to know something of the country they are visiting and experience its culture and industry. For most finalists, it is the experience of a lifetime!

To submit your abstract and enter the Competition, please visit the 2021 YPWLC - National Finals page.

YPWLC finalists 2020

Meet the finalists from all around the world who have competed and won in their YPLC final. 

Juncheng Fan


Mia Maric

Mia Maric