1 October 2020

YPWLC Judging criteria & penalties

Details of the judging criteria and penalties for the IOM3 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition

The same judging criteria apply to the Young Persons' Lecture Competition and the World Lecture Competition finals.

Each entrant will be marked from a total of 100 points. Scores are as follows:


Clarity and relevance of the entrant’s abstract

(10 marks)


Structure of the lecture, clarity of explanation and argument, neither assuming too much or too little knowledge on the part of the audience.

(25 marks)


Standard of presentation, clarity of diction, personal enthusiasm for the subject, ability to deliver lecture spontaneously (points deducted if constant reference to notes or memory aids interferes with presentation of the lecture)

(25 marks)


Clarity and relevance of any visual aids used.

(10 marks)


Technical content of the presentation

(15 marks)


Calmness and competence in handling judges’ questions.

(15 marks)

Marks will be deducted for over-running of lecture time as follows:
Over 15 minutes     -5 marks
Under 12 minutes   -5 marks