CIE AGM & Presidential Address

Cleveland Institution of Engineers
8 Oct 2019
Steve Pallant CIE President with Sue Parker Technical Events Officer

Steve Pallant joined the steel industry 33 years ago, and looked back to both the CIE and the steel industry at that time.  He compared them both to the present day, and highlighted the changes, and why both have to continue to change in order to remain sustainable.  Extracts from the CIE Council Minutes in 1986 showed more people attendeing lectures, but a heavy bias towards the steel industry.  It was dominated by British Steel Corporation, and Davy McKee (forunner of Primetals).  With the decline in the steel industry on Teesside, the CIE is now diversifying to attract other industries to lectures.  We also run a visit programme in addition to lectures.

Primetals now provide blast furnaces for the Far Eastern Market, whereas 33 years ago it was more the UK and Europe.  The manufacture of the furnaces has also shifted to the Far East.  China now dominates steel production, making half of the world's output, whilst UK steel output had halved.  The UK steel industry is now split between three major steel companies, instead of a single nationalised industry.

Steve talked about the use of virtual reality in designing blast furnaces, and there was a demonstration after the lecture, where members could look at the lecture theatre through VR goggles.  3D models are also used to design components, such as blast furnace staves, and a demonstration of this also followed the lecture.  The drive to reduce CO2 emissions is also driving change to the way we make steel, steering the industry towards techniques such as direct reduction.

Steve finished with some famous quotes, one of which was “The best way to predict your future, is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln.

Steve's slides are downloadable below.


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