Steel – the Hard to abate Industry – A pathway to climate neutrality - CANCELLED

7 Apr 2020
Middlesbrough, Cleveland

Alexander Fleischanderl from Primetals Technology will speak on Tuesday April 7th at 6pm at the Centuria Building, Teesside University.  Tea/coffee and chat from 5:30pm.

The Steel industry accounts for a substantial portion of our global carbon footprint. To date this hard-to-abate industry requires carbon for metal oxide reduction and the extremely high temperatures for production. How will the steel industry become climate neutral before 2050. Mid-term only ground-breaking technology solutions based on pure hydrogen steelmaking and direct steelmaking with Molten Oxide Electrolysis can achieve this requirement. On short-term bridge technologies like direct reduction with tie in option of hydrogen, bio-technologies as CCU measure and efficient waste-heat recovery solutions from liquid slags and hot waste-gases will contribute to meet the 2030 target.

A poster is downloadable below, if you can print and display this, or circulate it further that would be much appreciated.

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Centruria Building
Teesside University
United Kingdom
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