• Brent Delta platform at AbleUK

    Brent Delta Platform Decommissioning

    Neil Etherington of Able UK presented "Preparation is the Quay – the Shell Brent Decommissioning Project……the story so far". Slides available.
  • EMG February newsletter now available

    The Energy Materials Board is please to announce that Issue 11 of the EMG-Newsletter is now available
  • Battery powered airport car park shuttle vehicles

    Hyperdrive Innovation lecture at CIE.

    Stephen Irish, Commercial Director of Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd spoke to the CIE about their innovative battery management system, based on Li-ion technology purchased from Nissan.
  • Queensferry Crossing

    Queensferry Crossing Lecture at CIE

    The CIE's December lecture was from Lawrence Shackman, Project Leader for the Forth River Crossing project. He described the planning, design and construction of the bridge from its concept to opening by the Queen on 4th September 2017, when it was named the Queensferry Crossing.
  • Mark Lewis, retiring President (left) receives his certificate from new Presidnet John Dale

    New CIE President

    The new CIE President is JOhn Dale, Technical Director, British Steel. His Presidential lecture was entitled "The Importance of Steel in the UK". Slides available.
  • Special and Publication Awards Dinner 2017

    Congratulations to all the winners of the Special and Publication Award winners
  • Leeds City Gate Project plan

    Delivering a Hydrogen Economy

    In May the CIE had a lecture on the H21 Leeds City Gate Project by Northern Gas Networks, a project to study the feasibility of converting Leeds from Natural Gas to Hydrogen for domestic use.
  • Notice of 2017 IOM3 Annual General Meeting

    The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Institute will be held on 11 July at 297 Euston Road, London
  • Autonomous Vehicle

    Autonomous Vehicles lecture

    Dr Anthony Baxendale of MIRA Horiba spoke to the CIE about Autonomous Vehicles, and the current progress and research. Many aspects of Autonomous vehicles are alreadty available, adaptive cruise control, park assist, satnav, and progress towards full autonomy builds on these.
  • Cyber lecture photo

    Cyber Innovation in the Supply Chain

    Dave Lloyd from Signacure Resilience gave an informative and intersting lecture about threats from cyber infiltration, and the Government scheme CiSP ( Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership).