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UK Government responds to critical minerals Task & Finish Group

The UK government has published its response to the report of the Task and Finish Group on Critical Mineral Resilience for UK Industry.


Space's value is growing

The value of the advanced materials in the space industry is projected to be an estimated £4bln by the year 2035.

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IOM3 launches the Sustainable Future Awards 2024

The Sustainable Future Awards 2024 are open for entries from teams and individuals who are pioneers in sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and the promotion of circular practices.

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Dusting down mining technology

With advancements in industrial automation and the use of camera technology to improve mining processes, safety and productivity, there is still one fly in the ointment – dust.


Taking off? The potential for urban air mobility

Electric vertical take-off aircraft for urban air mobility is a growing segment of the 'Smart Cities' market.

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Changing gears - materials testing in the automotive industry

Materials testing evolves as the automotive industry shifts towards electric vehicles.


Trained and ready for the energy transition?

As energy generation shifts from fossil fuels, a workforce is needed to meet the challenge - many oil and gas professionals with transferable skills are ready to go.

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Tree-wheel drive - wooden composites for cars

Dr Takuya Nishimura of Toyota Auto Body reflects on the role bio-composites can play in the automotive industry.

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Switched on for new opportunities in the energy transition

As the drive to net-zero impacts different sectors, many individuals are already transferring their skills to new roles.

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Enter the ceramic matrix

The rise of ceramic matrix composites is an opportunity for the UK supply chain. The team at the National Composites Centre elaborate on the expanding applications and growing market.

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In motion - composites can travel

Balancing performance and cost benefits of composites in transport is challenging. Two members of the IOM3 Composites Group navigate the options.

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Hydrogen production from urea

A material to remove urea from water for hydrogen gas has been developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA.

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Anti-fouling coating for marine vessels

Dr Michael Ford MIMMM at Haseltine Lake Kempner explores a patent for an anti-fouling coating on marine vessels.


On the right train track?

How the polyurethane material that makes for a smooth ride on ballastless train tracks is evolving.

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The ultimate destination - decarbonising heavy goods vehicles

How is the UK driving towards more sustainable heavy goods vehicles? Two IOM3 members from Innovate UK explain more.

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Prove zinc’s worth - galvanising opportunities

A review of the zinc mining sector, with a focus on encouraging developments in Canada, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

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A weld of opportunities in titanium

Current applications and the latest advances in titanium welding.


New heights for magnesium supply chains

How lightweight, durable and efficiently manufactured alloys could reduce the lead times for aerospace components.

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On board solutions to improve aircraft performance

Researchers at the University of Liverpool, UK, share how information-rich measurement data can improve aircraft performance and reduce carbon emissions.


Wind propulsion technologies make waves in shipping

Wind propulsion technologies have the potential to significantly reduce fuel usage and emissions from the shipping industry.

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