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WIM3 INWED: Enhanced by Engineering

Join WIM3 for their webinar for International Women in Engineering Day

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The business case for good EDI practices

Report released by The Royal Academy of Engineering and Dalberg Advisors talks about the business benefits of EDI in engineering

IOM3 Investigates Encouraging Neurodiversity in STEM2.jpg

IOM3 Investigates... Encouraging neurodiversity in STEM

What are the issues behind neurodiversity in STEM? Katy Deacon, Associate Professor Asiya Khan and Martin Griffins discuss for IOM3 Investigates.

MW June 2024 p12 artificial reef_for web

Architected reefs could fortify coastlines

An architected, artificial reef could minimise the risk of flooding and erosion facing global coastal communities, while using 10 times less cement than is presently possible.

Cobalt Sulfate 201114dg-overhead-elements-264-v211-1.jpg

Cobalt sulphate produced from deep seafloor

The cobalt sulphate produced from deep seafloor polymetallic nodules was made in partnership with The Metals Company (TMC) and SGS Canada.

Sellafield Ltd site-dawn-09-01-19-corrected-2.jpg

Sellafield Ltd pleads guilty to cyber security offences

Sellafield has pleaded guilty to all charges of cyber security offences.

IOM3 Website Generic Images P&I Announcement.jpg

IOM3 publishes policy priorities for the next UK Government

Ahead of the UK’s general election, IOM3 has set out five priorities for the next government to secure a proper focus and strategic approach to materials, minerals and mining.

IOM3 Priorities for the next UK Government 2024.jpg

IOM3 Priorities for the next UK Government

Read the full policy briefing: IOM3 has set out five priorities for the next government to secure a proper focus and strategic approach to materials, minerals and mining.

PolyMorphic moulding.JPG

Reusable mould is '14 times faster than 3D printing'

The first infinitely reusable moulding technology has been made by US manufacturer Fyous.


Brick Development Association and Ceramics UK join forces

The Brick Development Association and Ceramics UK are set to merge to 'amplify their collective voice as one trade organisation'.

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Efficiently extracting lithium from waste liquids

At least five times more lithium is retrievable from waste liquids with a common mineral than other adsorbent materials, says a team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA.

Starpack top banner.jpg

2024 Starpack Students Competition - Winners' Guide

Find out more about the 2024 Starpack Students Competition winners.

Highview Power LAES Storage Facility.jpg

£300mln invested in long duration energy storage facility

£300mln invested into Highview Power’s liquid air energy storage (LAES) technology by UK Infrastructure Bank and Centrica.

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Miniaturised rare-earth laser created

A miniaturised erbium-based fibre laser that fits on a on a silicon-nitride photonic chip has been created by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne researchers.

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Laser welding solar panels increases recyclability

Femtosecond lasers that can weld glass-to-glass make solar modules easier to recycle, says a US team.

MW June 2024 p6 Solar drones for web.jpg

Solar-powered drones energise aviation

Austrian-based scientists have developed quasi-2D, perovskite solar cells to improve the efficiency and stability of ultra-lightweight photovoltaics.


Welsh floating offshore wind gets boost

A Welsh-based collaboration has been awarded nearly £1mln to develop low-CO2 steel for floating offshore wind platforms.


UK manufacturers’ inaction on energy management, despite concerns

UK manufacturers have a 'disconnect' between volatile energy pricing and action, says Mitsubishi Electric.

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UK Government called to urgently act on skills to boost hydrogen production

There are concerns that skill gaps in design, installation, maintenance and operation threaten progress

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Temporary replacement?

Two European universities develop ceramic coatings for temporary, biodegradable, magnesium-based orthopaedics.

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