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Life Cycle Assessment for early career researchers

Access the material and watch the presentation on LCA which took place on 21 July.

SECC LCA event 21 July.pdf

Materials Technology, Vol. 36, No. 9, out now

Highlights include snodynamic therapy of cancer using a novel TiO2-based nanoparticles, the structural, optical and dielectric properties of Al/Mn doped ZnO nanoparticles and enhanced photocatalytic performance of europium doped TiO2 film.

Tribology - Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces Contact Mechanics and Wear of the Rail/Wheel System

This issue is guest edited by Professor Roger Lewis.

Skewen mine water management scheme begins build

The Coal Authority project will ensure excess mine water from prolonged rainfall is collected to keep properties safe.

Nanotech to enable 'healthy' electric current production inside human body

New research suggests material creates green energy through mechanical force.

IOM3 Investigates... What to expect at EEC 2021?

In the run up to EEC21 senior steel industry figures come together to talk about steel industry issues and opportunities as electric arc furnaces become the dominant technology.

UK Government announce new Innovation Strategy

Advanced materials and manufacturing highlighted as key area of focus.

IOM3 responds to UK Government Innovation Strategy

The UK Government has today (22 July) announced plans to boost private sector investment to put the UK at the forefront of global innovation.

Keynote speakers announced for EEC 2021

IOM3 is pleased to announce its three keynote speakers for the upcoming 12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference (EEC 2021) taking place on 13–15 September 2021 as a blended event.

Recharging smartwatches using human body

A prototype charging system for wearable devices has been developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Quantum state of matter ‘tuned’ at will

An international team of researchers has discovered a quantum state of matter that can be ‘tuned’ at will – and it’s 10 times more tuneable than existing theories can explain. This level of manipulability opens enormous possibilities for next-generation nanotechnologies and quantum computing.

Pension Scheme Trustee

Ideally, the nominee will be senior members of the Institute with previous pension trustee experience and a good understanding of finances and investments.

Potential 'steel deal' mooted by UK Government

Steel Council will today discuss plans to cut emissions in UK sector.

Australia begin fast-charging graphene aluminum-ion battery development

Industry and academic collaboration could see enhanced life and faster charging.

NIST laser 'comb' systems now measure all primary greenhouse gases in the air

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have upgraded their laser frequency-comb instrument to simultaneously measure three airborne greenhouse gases – nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor – plus the major air pollutants ozone and carbon monoxide.

Research into quantum laser explores turning energy loss into gain

A new laser that generates quantum particles can recycle lost energy for highly efficient, low threshold laser applications, researchers say.

Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 37, No. 6, is now available

Featuring papers considering a modification of the Wilshire strain equation, enhancing mechanical properties of an Mg–Zn–Ca alloy via extrusion and a review of processing, microstructure adjustments, and mechanical properties of dual phase steels.

England’s resource efficiency agenda requires accelerating with urgency, Aldersgate report

In a new report, the Aldersgate Group calls on the UK government to accelerate progress on resource efficiency to secure benefits in terms of emission savings, reduced environmental impacts, job creation and economic resilience.

IOM3 Fellow recognised in Forbes top 35 most influential women engineers

Congratulations to Dawn Bonfield MBE CEng FIMMM who has been listed in Forbes top 35 most influential women engineers.

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