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Fossil free Denmark

Denmark, the European Union’s biggest oil producer, is to stop offering new licenses in the North Sea and totally phase out production during 2050.

Pilot wind-to-hydrogen project

Siemens Gamesa is developing a pilot, the Brande Hydrogen project, to produce hydrogen directly from wind, and potentially connect to the grid.

IOM3 investigates...Christine Blackmore

IOM3 Vice President Christine Blackmore CEnv CSci FIMMM talks about her career in the mining industry, being a female in the industry and how she first became involved with IOM3.

The circle of life - new role for refurbished industrial shredder

Stuart Hill, at Alphadrive Engineering Services, UK, explains how a refurbished industrial shredder has improved efficiency and enhanced its own environmental credentials.

Harnessing solar energy with coated steel

Integrating photovoltaics (PV) into steel roofing can create ‘active buildings’ that generate, store and release their own power, says Professor Dave Worsley FIMMM, of the University of Swansea’s College of Engineering, UK, and recipient of this year’s IOM3 Bessemer Gold Medal from the Iron and Steel Society.

Extracting more value from acid mine drainage

A treatment for acid mine drainage targets up to 95% recovery of critical minerals.

Fred Starr recollects - The perils of the interview

Fred Starr FIMMM muses on getting the right candidate.

Microbial fuel cells purify water

A water treatment system powered by soil microorganisms is being trialled in rural Brazil.

Lighting up devices - recharging through ambient light

With printed carbon nanotubes and solution-deposited self-assembled monolayers, researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, are developing electronics that they say can operate autonomously.

Safer lithium battery electrolytes

Adding alkali metal additives to lithium battery electrolytes could boost efficiency and safety credentials.

Pastures new - surface soils solving flooding

The growing potential of woodland in upland areas for natural flood reduction is being explored at the University of Plymouth, UK. Dr Paul Lunt and Dr Thomas Murphy share the science behind the soils.

Pushing the boundaries - emerging 2D materials

Dr Aphrodite Tomou ProfGradIMMM, Technical Manager at Goodfellow Cambridge, UK, shines a light on three emerging 2D materials and their application potential.

Preparing for investment - the role of patent law in funding

Trainee Patent Attorney Dr George Christian of Marks & Clerk Law LLP explores how patent law and process affect funding and financing options.

Mixing it up - making a geopolymer

Dr David Hughes CSci MIMMM, Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering at Teesside University, UK, digs up the details on an alternative geopolymer.

Edging closer to 2D control

A new technique to control the edges of 2D materials offers research opportunities

Model human tongue copies topography

Nutritional, biomedical and clinical applications could benefit from a synthetic surface that mimics the human tongue.

Shifting scales - cement and the carbon cycle

Mark Tyrer CSci FIMMM, Professor of Geomaterials at Coventry University, UK, weighs up the changing balance of carbon dioxide and carbonation in cement production.

Chameleon skin inspires colour changing film

A flexible film responds to stretching, pressure or humidity by changing colour.

Insights from the UK’s Ventilator Challenge driving supply change change

Adaptive and agile supply chains have characterised the mass-production of ventilators to meet the spike in demand due to COVID-19. A recent online event that explored what this could mean for future flexible supply chains.

A ray of light - laser welding copper

Ralf Egerer at Nexans cuts through the challenges in welding copper.

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