27 August 2021
by Katherine WIlliams

Where could a career in STEM take you?

From the depths of the ocean to miles below ground or into space. A science-based career offers opportunity to change the world and expand your horizons.

Signpost to infinity and beyond, Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne, UK
© Nick Fewings/Unsplash

Here we present profiles and resources demonstrating some of the different careers open to people who study science.

Protecting the Mary Rose

Celebrating Black History Month – Mary Jackson

IOM3 Investigates... meet Neil Glover

IOM3 Investigates... DuPont - supercars drive EV safety

Katherine Johnson - highlighting the heroism of the hidden figure

Q&A with Rachel Williams FIMMM

Apprentices help to future-proof Magnox

A role model is born – interview with Dr Clara Barker

IOM3 Investigates... the Mary Rose


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Katherine WIlliams

Head of Content, IOM3