14 September 2023
by Alex Brinded

BAE Systems develops new helmet for RAF

The most advanced fighter pilot helmet BAE Systems makes will be produced as a pilot helmet for the Royal Air Force.

© BAE Systems

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded the contract for the Striker II Helmet Mounted Display to be developed for the RAF Typhoon Fleet.

The helmet displays data directly onto the pilot's helmet visor, giving an augmented reality of the real world alongside mission critical information immediately in front of them, integrates all-digital night vision system and daylight readable colour display.

Developed at BAE Systems in Rochester, Kent, the company says they are maturing the helmet's capability before initial production to support qualification and integration flight-testing at their combat site in Warton, Leicestershire.

The contract is valued at £40mln and predicted to create more than 200 highly-skilled jobs directly. The Typhoon programme sustains more than 20,800 jobs across the UK.

'Striker II will provide the RAF’s Typhoon pilots with a crucial advantage – offering unrivalled situational awareness from the cockpit while helping to avoid sensory overload, which is vital in a high-tech and fast-paced environment,' says Andrea Thompson, Managing Director - Europe & International, BAE Systems' Air Sector.


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer