Working together for the UK polymer industry

The Polymer Society
29 Mar 2012
Robert Quarshie and Steve Shaw signing the MoU in the presence of Polymer Sector Advisory Board members

On 19 March 2012, The Rubber And Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) and The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) signed a memorandum of understanding to record the mutual intent of both organisations to use their best endeavours and resources to develop closer cooperation for the benefit of knowledge sharing across the Plastics and Rubber community.

There has always been a huge synergy between RAPRA and the Materials KTN demonstrated by the list of past joint projects and extensive informal co-operation at trade shows and other events held worldwide.

This is hardly surprising, as since their inception, both organisations have striven to support innovation and advance the science and engineering that underpins the latest developments in materials, products and applications.

It has been decided to recognise all the successes of the past and build on the excellent working relationships that already exist, by signing a formal agreement between RAPRA and the Materials KTN.

This will help to ensure that the two organisations will work closely together to link both industry and academia to promote innovative solutions for important economic and societal issues.

Both organisations recognise the importance of a unified approach to develop greater influence and relevance of the plastics and rubber subject area to their existing and new members, the wider manufacturing communities, and to government agencies.