Programme announced for PVC Science and Technology Course

The Polymer Society
4 Feb 2012

The programme for an intensive course at Loughborough University taught over a one-week period comprising lectures, practicals and discussions with staff, has been announced.
Held every two years the next course will be 16th to 20th April 2012.

This unique and highly acclaimed short course is specifically designed for people in the PVC industry who need to gain more expert knowledge in their field. It has been designed specifically for industrialists and is particularly aimed at people working in process development/support; QA; product development and technical service.

Covering the complete range of PVC technology from its polymerisation through to its many and varied applications, there will be a unique focus on the interface between theory and application showing how you can relate key fundamentals to the processing of PVC and the performance of PVC products. The sustainability credentials of this polymer will also be covered.

This event has been recognised by the Institute of Materials,Minerals and Mining for PD.

Full details here