IOM3/ICorr Joint Technical Meeting

Oil & Gas Division
30 Nov 2017

There are many members of the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) working in the Oil and Gas Industry who are also members of the IOM3. The Oil and Gas Division Board has established a strong working relationship with the Aberdeen branch of ICorr and hold an annual joint technical evening. This year the event was funded by the Mining Institute of Scotland and was held at the Palm Court Hotel in Aberdeen on the 28th November with seventy people in attendance. The topic was corrosion under insulation, typically known as CUI. This is a major issue for not only the oil and gas sector but industry in general with an estimated annual cost to the UK of £28 billion. The event started with a buffet and poster presentation from Tianyang Lan, an MSc student from Northampton University, highlighting the experimental work that he had undertaken assessing both physical and electrochemical techniques for measuring CUI. The Oil and Gas Division had arranged for two technical presentations. Firstly Rebecca Allison of the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) introduced the topic of CUI and the role of the OGTC addressing the challenges of CUI. Rebecca provided an overview of new technologies being supported by the OGTC and obtained feedback from the audience on these. Rebecca highlighted that addressing CUI is not just about technology, a holistic approach including working practices, procedures, competency, human factors and data management is required. Bill Brown and Mike Dixon of TRAC built on the overview provided by Rebecca with a presentation providing results from their field and yard trials assessing the latest tools and techniques available to measure and analyse CUI. This included developments with pulsed eddy current and digital radiography. Field and yard work was presented highlighting key issues for practitioners to be aware of, including the assessment of corrosion under composite wraps. After a warm vote of thanks for all the presenters the evening concluded with the award of the Mining Institute of Scotland Past President medal to Jon Latimer by the new President Bob Laird.