The Black stuff

Energy Transition Group
16 Jan 2009
Richard Deveria, President, and Martin Cox, President elect, MIS

Why are oil and coal such precious commodities, and just how important to our daily lives? To answer these questions, the Mining institute of Scotland (MIS) presented "The Black Stuff" at Aberdeen's Techfest

Family Activity weekend, a fun but factual look at the importance of oil and coal in the UK's energy, transport and materials cycle. Techfest is an annual, month long series of talks, lectures, industrial visits and school activities, which aims to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics to primary and secondary schools as well as the wider generally public.

The centre piece Family activity Weekend, held on 13/14th September, showcased over 30 companies, agencies, universities and other professional bodies with hands on activity and general information about the work of engineers and scientists.

This was the first time the MIS has presented at the event, and the information was positively received. In fact, planning has already started for Techfest 2009. thanks are due to all the MIS members who helped out and to the Scottish Mining Museum for loan of exhibits.