Local activities in oil and gas

The Institute has over 60 local societies throughout the UK which organise activities for members in the regions. The following local societies organise events relevant to the Energy Transition Group.

MIS The Mining Institute of Scotland
Contact: David Seath
Tel: +44(0)1383 432856
Email: D.Seath@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.mining-scotland.org


MinSouth London & Southern Counties


Minerals Industries Institute
Contact: Mr Alan Baxter
Email: baxie68@ntlworld.com
Website: www.minsouth.org.uk


SWB South West Branch
Contact: Dr Patrick Foster
Tel: +44(0)1326 371828
Email: p.j.foster@csm.ex.ac.uk


MIME Midland Institute of Mining Engineers
Contact: Charles Rhodes
Tel: +44(0)1757 638686
Email: charles@rhodes-ieng.fsnet.co.uk
Website: www.themime.org.uk


SMMMI South Midlands Mining & Materials Institute
Contact: Barrie Ward
Tel: +44(0)121 553 1971
Email: rod.stace@nottingham.ac.uk


NIEMME North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers
Contact: Mr John McCabe
Tel: +44(0)191 232 2201
Email: office@MiningInstitute.org.uk
Website: www.mininginstitute.org.uk