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  • Finding the money for mine decommissioning and reclamation

    Decommissioning the ever-growing number of end-of-life abandoned or orphaned mines and oil and gas wells is proving an increasingly costly and technical problem for companies, regulators and policymakers. Nicholas Newman investigates.
  • Fred Starr recollects: travel

    Fred Starr takes a trip back to his first time visiting the USA, and the opportunities the country presents.
  • Spotlight: How to... use CT scanning in well bore analysis

    Ben Morgan of Nikon Metrology explains how the company’s computed tomography scans of rock core samples have been used to improve oil and gas flow predictions.
  • Lasers of durability

    Paula Sonne of manufacturing company Wärtsilä, Finland, examines white metal laser technology and its applications across the metals industry.
  • Q&A – Espen Storkaas

    Espen Storkaas, ABB’s Vice President of Industry Sector Digital Lead, Upstream Oil, Gas, and Chemicals, is a man in the know when it comes to technology in the energy sector. As he tells Gary Peters, the key hurdle to overcome is how it is used in the field.
  • The good in engineering

    Alastair Marsh, University of Bath, UK, Cecilia Isvén, Senior Technical Consultant at IBM, and Peter Gates, Associate Structural Engineer at Giraffe Engineering, UK, talk about how engineers can support the greater good.
  • Dealing with plastic waste

    The amount of single-use plastic material littering the countryside, rivers, and oceans has stirred plenty of emotion in recent months. But, what can be done to change this? Stuart Patrick* investigates.
  • On the hydrogen train

    Hydrogen could revolutionise the rail industry, and plans are gathering pace, as witnessed with the Coradia iLint train, which is undergoing pilot tests in Germany. But, could hydrogen become the pre-eminent method of moving people from A to B? Gary Peters reports.
  • Mining’s part in Ethiopia’s boom

    Michael Schwartz looks at the rise of Ethiopia’s mining sector and profiles some of the companies that help create the country’s exceptional growth.
  • Shale at the forefront

    An EU-backed project has developed a set of best practices to analyse short- and long-term environmental risks of shale gas exploration, as Dr Catherine Isherwood explains.