Technical event - Application of bismuth based alloys to address oilfield challenges

26 Nov 2019

Joint event with The Mining Institute of Scotland

 BiSN will discuss their Wel-Lok sealing technology which utilises a unique’ combination of a thermite powered chemical heater and a bismuth based alloy to deliver an efficient down hole sealing capability, using standard oilfield deployment methods. 
The thermite heater provides the energy to melt the bismuth alloy in situ allowing the heavy liquid bismuth alloy to flow by gravity to the desired location. As the bismuth alloy cools, it expands on solidification to provide a seal. 
BP will present some actual case histories where this technology has been applied offshore to shut off water production in open-hole gravel pack completions as well as the work being done to qualify the alloys, as a permanent abandonment material.

Starta at 18:00. See flyer for more details.

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Event Location: 
AB10 7GJ
United Kingdom