The Institute's Trustees have agreed that membership fees for 2021 will be held at the same rate as for 2020.

Our fees apply per calendar year. If you join during the year, your fee will be prorated if you join after January, apart from the Undergraduate Student package which is a one-off payment for the duration of your course and up to 18 months following.

Members opting to pay their fees by Direct Debit pay a reduced subscription rate. Current members not on DD payment will be sent details of how to set up a Direct Debit mandate with their membership renewal notice.

Fees for instant access membership

Reduced fees for Direct Debit payment show in brackets


Annual Fee 2021 (£)

Affiliate 27 and below

 72 (70)

Affiliate 28 and above

130 (125)

Student package (undergraduate)

 20 (one off)

Postgraduate student



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Professional grades

Reduced fees for Direct Debit payment shown in brackets


Annual Fee 2021 (£)

Graduate (GradIMMM)

72 (70)

Professional Graduate (ProfGradIMMM)

100 (98)

Technician Member (TIMMM) 21 and below

52 (50)

Technician Member (TIMMM) 22-27

74 (72)

Technician Member (TIMMM) 28 and over

100 (98)

Associate Member (AIMMM)

130 (125)

Professional Member (MIMMM)

192 (188)

Fellow (FIMMM)

225 (216)

Retired rate (all grades except Fellow)

67 (62)

Retired Fellow

112 (97)

Career Break (by application)*

41 (40)

* Career break brought about by redundancy, maternity leave, gap year or similar


IOM3 members have the option of paying an additional £35 to gain access to selected online benefits provided by TMS (the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society of America) 


Professional Registration Fees 2021

Engineering Council

The Board of EngineeringUK has agreed to increase registration fees by 2.5% in 2020, in line with the current rate of inflation.

Retired rates are shown in brackets, where relevant.

Engineering Council Registration

Annual Fee 2021 (£)

Chartered Engineer (CEng)

40.90 (18.50)

Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

34.70 (15.40)

Engineering Technician (EngTech)

19.90 (8.82)

Engineering Council Interim Fees


Registration Entry Fees 


Chartered Engineer (CEng)


Incorporated Engineer (IEng)


Engineering Technician (EngTech)


Interim Stage Registration


Science Council

Science Council Registration

Annual fee 2021 (£)

Chartered Scientist (CSci)


Registered Scientist (RSci)


Registered Scientist Technician (RSciTech)


Society for Environment

Society for the Environment Registration

 2021 Fee (£)

Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)


Initial Registration Fee


*Until 31 March 2021, thereafter £88