• Social housing: what needs to be done to improve it?

    Social housing is suffering in the UK, so what can be done to improve, reform and reassess the way it is approached? Ellis Davies explores the issues.
  • Particle analysis imagery from MountainsSPIP. (Digital Surf)

    Spotlight: How to... get more out of scanning probe microscopy data

    Isabelle Cauwet, Applications Engineer at Digital Surf, looks at the benefits of using software to enhance microscopy data.
  • Shutterstock

    Additive manufacturing for all

    Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly mainstream. Here, Ellis Davies talks to Andy Simpson of Angus 3D Solutions, UK, and Jon Reilly of Markforged , USA, about the benefits and potential barriers of using the technology.
  • Microwaves for copper

    An award winning copper extraction method using microwaves has been recognised for its contribution to the advancement of the field. Sam Kingman* looks at the method and its origins.
  • Sewing carbon

    Advances in the tailored fibre placement process have reinvigorated interest in the technique, which could inspire widespread adoption of carbon composites in the mainstream automotive industry and beyond. Richard Harrington investigates the latest refinements.
  • Spotlight: How to... use intelligent metal tubes in industrial processes

    Erika Hedblom, Manager of Intelligent Tube Systems for Sandvik, Sweden, discusses how internal sensors and cloud computing can provide deeper process insights.
  • A virtual factory for steel

    Professor Steve Brown, Professor Claire Davis and Professor Martin Brunnock, look into how £7m of funding for a new virtual factory will aid the future of UK steel.
  • A centenary celebration for women’s engineering

    The Women’s Engineering Society has seen some significant figures and important events in both equality and engineering. Dawn Bonfield looks over the society’s last 100 years.
  • Graphene in the real world

    Andrew J Pollard* and Charles A Clifford** of the National Physical Laboratory, UK, talk on the characterisation of graphene as a vehicle towards wider commercialisation.
  • Making materials

    Ashley Pursglove* explores the journey of materials development company Mμrex through projects, from medical devices to recycled plastics.