Meet the committee


Chairman - Dr Chris Williams MIMMM BSc, MSc, PhD


My background is in chemistry and polymer engineering and I have an interest in polymer recycling.

As Chair of the Group, I am keen to promote polymers as a vital materials to our current technology and lifestyle. The problems that are being faced can be addressed by reduce, reuse, recycle – to Reducing littering and wastage, increasing reuse and recycle, thereby not losing the benefits of this versatile material.

Currently I work at Hiden Analytical Limited, a manufacturer of instrumentation for a wide variety of applications, including polymers.

Hiden Analytical Ltd
420 Europa Boulevard
Warrington, WA5 7UN
United Kingdom

Tel : +44 1925 445 225
Fax: +44 1925 416 518
Mobile: +44 7825 769668
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Vice Chairman and WebMaster 

Dr Clive R Fenn FIMMM, CEng, BSc, PhD, BA


Mobile: 07949 200  926


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Immediate Past Chairman - Bryan Denson 


My involvement with the Manchester Polymer Group began in 1964 while I was at John Dalton and working for Dunlop G.R.G. in Manchester.  I had a period where my membership of the PRI as it was then lapsed but I have been in the IOM3 since 1986.  After working in the Rubber, Plastics and Chemical Industry for about 50 years in sales and marketing I retired but continue to be active with The Manchester Polymer Group.  Apart from my time with Dunlop I have also worked for British Vita, Hubron, Chloride Lorival, Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann (France) and finished my career with 26 years at EniChem – Enimont - Polimeri Europa – Versalis.  I have an active interest in promoting Science and Technology within the Educational establishment and work with the Education Group of the MPG.  I am also a School Governor. 

Bryan has now stood down from the Committee to concentrate on a family business.




Social Secretary - Dinner Dance - Dr Gary Ogden FIMMM CSci 





Honorary Secretary - David C Baker BA MBA FIMMM FIC DBS LRSC





Honorary Treasurer - David Wetters





Education Sub-Committee Chairman - Stuart Patrick FIMMM CSci CChem MRSC 

Now retired, I have been involved with the Manchester Polymer Group for many years and have also served on various sub-committees during this period. Currently I oversee our educational initiatives to stimulate interest from teachers and schoolchildren in polymer technologies, uses and recycling.

My work experience lies primarily in the PVC area - formulating, processing, end use performance and sustainability. In addition I have laboratory management expertise linked to QSHE processes and systems.   

Within IOM3 I am Chair of the PVC Committee, which links into the Polymer Society, a division of the Institute. I am also a Board member of the Society.

I believe it is very important that the plastics and rubber community maintains a strong identity, both within the local area and the Institute. 





Committee Members


Pravin S Mistry  BSc(Hons) 


I have been a member of the IOM3 / Manchester Polymer Group from when I was studying at Manchester Polytechnic on day release for HNC and BSc (Hons) in Polymer Science and Technology.

Since then I have joined the committee. I feel that it is important that we all contribute in some capacity in supporting the Manchester Polymer Group / IOM3, whether it be presenting technical lectures, attending lectures, dinner dance or other events.

My career progressed from Laboratory Technician, to Research Chemist, Technical / Quality Manager, Group Technical Director, Director of Operations, Managing Director to CEO over the last 28 years.   I have expertise in the Plastics / Composites and Rubber, from materials to processing. I have worked globally in various senior roles in the following sectors:

Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical, Food, Automotive, Wind Energy, Equestrian/Veterinary, Packaging, Aerospace, Defence, Building / Construction, Horticultural, Marine & Leisure 

I work for   and  both global polymer consultancy's company where we offer a variety of services globally, for example from recruitment, polymer expertise to mergers / joint ventures and buying selling companies.